Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 comes with a great package of new features

Burning Studio trenner New Features at a Glance


New Movie Editor and Movie Player
Play all videos, slideshows and movies in the new Movie Player
New project type: Video Edit DVD with Movie Editor
Create MP3 or WMA CDs from lists of tracks with multiple formats
Preview images are now automatically exported to Cover Editor
New options dialogs for video, audio, decoder, encoder and drive settings
Selectable program skins for user interface
Many user settings are saved and reloaded automatically
Many new burners added to the database
DVD projects are now saved with all slideshows and movies
Automatic check for conflicts with other programs with user warning

The new Movie Editor and Movie Player

Burning Studio trenner New Features at a Glance

The biggest new feature of Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is the Movie Editor, which adds powerful video editing and DVD interface building capabilities to the program. This is not just a little clip trimmer you probably wont need any other video editing software. Movie Editor has all the features you need to turn your clip collection and home videos into impressive finished movies.

You also get a brand new Movie Player with a significantly improved video rendering engine and a modern graphical interface.

Movie Editor highlights

Edit videos with timelin
e and preview
Super-easy drag-and-drop editing for videos, subtitles etc.
Graphical timeline for clips, transitions, titles, subtitles and images
Burn finished movies to DVD with animated menus
Ready-to-use themes for DVD menus
Cut clips into separate blocks, trim and extract sections
Assemble multiple clips in a few easy steps
Add titles, subtitles, shaped text etc.
Add images, logos and graphical shapes with fill, borders etc.
Cross-fades and graphical transitions between clips
Fade-in and fade-out for all objects (images, texts etc.)
Live preview your movies in the editor with transitions
Add background music to movies
Rotate images directly in the Movie Editor
Set start and end times for clips (play only part of clip)
Automatic search for scene boundaries
Movie Player highlights
Modern graphical interface, very intuitive with popup control tips
Volume control, display current play position and total time
Clip display with jump to position controls
Full screen mode with quick switch control


Slideshow Editor

Burning Studio trenner New Features at a Glance

The Slideshow Editor makes it a snap to turn your photos into impressive DVD slideshows with animated graphical menus. You can also include video clips in your slideshows. Just select your photos, videos and background music tracks and burn. Here too, you can produce shows instantly by choosing ready-to-use themes or get creative and design your own. Burning Studio comes with a set of attractive themes and you can download more from the Ashampoo website.

New Slideshow Editor features:
Timeline editing with drag & drop and preview
Cross-fades and graphical transitions between images
Thumbnail preview for fades and transitions
Add background music for the entire show with multiple tracks
Add titles, subtitles, shaped text 
Add images, logos and graphical shapes with fill, borders etc.
Fade-in and fade-out for all objects (images, texts etc.)
Rotate images directly in the editor
Ready-to-use themes



Cover Editor

Burning Studio trenner New Features at a Glance

The Cover Editor has everything you need for labeling your discs and producing cool covers for jewel cases, slim cases, DVD cases and Blu-ray cases. You can design your own or just enter a title and select one of the pre-designed themes for instant point-and-click results it also imports track data from your discs automatically. The Cover Editor prints both on a wide range of predefined label formats and directly onto discs on printers that support this function.

New Cover Editor features
Save your own designs as themes and reuse or share them
Export projects as XML files
Scan covers directly from original CD covers
Load covers and graphics from files, the Web or the Windows Clipboard
Attractive new themes with new graphics and layouts
Editor improvements, faster operation
Draw and insert geometrical shapes with borders, fill and transparency
Group elements in the editor to move them together
Free rotation for objects and groups of objects, or snap rotate in 15°, 45° or 90° increments
Print up to 4 CDs on a single page
Printer calibration utility for maximum precision printing, calibration settings are saved for every printer used you only need to calibrate once
Updated label and printer database with many new formats and printers
Undo function in the Table Editor

New Features at a Glance