How to edit a format

Burning Studio trenner Edit the Format

Now it’s up to you to define your format. Once again, we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. Please keep in mind that wrong input might cause bad printing results. Please try to enter the measures correctly to achieve the best results!

Of course, we know that editing a format sometimes is sometimes a little confusing, but Burning Studio 9 was designed to be clearly arranged. If you edit a measure a preview on the left on the menu shows a first impression  of the whole format. Your changes will be accented with a blue line. The details will be shown in a second preview on the right. In this window the measure itself and the consequences of changing a value are shown. What you see is what you get!

Burning Studio formatmeasure.zoom90 Edit the Format


Enter the following measures

Burning Studio trenner Edit the Format
Distance from top: The distance from the top of the page to your format


Distance from left: The distance from the left margin of the page to your format


Width: The width of your format


Height: The height of your format


Width (Fold): The meaning of this value depends on the selected source format. It’s the spine for DVD and Blu-ray cases and the width to the folding for a booklet.   


Background Overlap: If you use special insert or label, sometimes a white margin remains after the printing process. This might be caused by imprecise templates or measure details given by the producer. To avoid this Burning Studio 9 offers the possibility to print a little bit over the edge ( up to 1,5 cm).



Review of Format Attributes




Edit the Format