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Burning Studio trenner Design the Cover

Now it’s up to you to design and print cool labels, case covers and booklets in a little time.

There are three main group of objects of this menu which might be of interest.


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Burning Studio cedmain2 Design the Cover

                                                                                                                                     1 New Image adds a new picture to your cover. Once you’ve clicked at the button a new explorer appears to browse and to select your files. Please distinguish image from background. A picture will be added as an object and can be placed everywhere, a background is stretched to the whole format.


Background adds a new background to your cover. Once you’ve clicked at the button a new explorer appears to browse and select your files. The background will be stretched to the whole format.



New Text adds a textbox with a default text to your cover. After a double click the text  is ready to be edited. Click here for more details!



New Table adds a new table to your cover. You can edit every row and column by clicking at it.Click here for more details!


New Shape is a simple but effective way to add forms like rectangles, stars and rectangles to your pictures. Just choose a shape, color and linear blend a pull it to the correct size and position- ready!



Acquire is the best picture import centre of Ashampoo Burning Studio 9. Scan, download or copy it just from the clipboard! See here for details!




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2 Burning Studio 9 offers a variety of great themes you are free to use.  click onone theme and it will be integrated automatically.


If there are several objects (tables, pictures, etc.) you are able to manage them opening the Objects tab. This menu (next to the themes) offers an easy access to those objects. Especially if there are diverse objects which are positioned close to each other, this feature is just great. A left mouse click enables you to edit this object, a right mouse click opens a dialogue similar to the tool bar.


The templates offer the opportunity to use a design again and again. Just save your design as a template at the last step! See here for details!



3 The  tool bar grants a quick access to a lot of useful features from the picture editing and program option  field.  Click here for more details!!




Design the Cover