How to choose the right format

Burning Studio trenner Choose the Format

If click on print and design covers a menu will open, containing the common standard formats. We┬┤ve collected  6 multiple types starting from the classical CD type (Jewel case) up to the newest Blu-ray case. Just mark the checkbox in front of your choice.

Notice: You are also able to choose multiple types and and use them in this process. Select two or more type and proceed at Next.


Burning Studio cover1.zoom80 Choose the Format

Whereupon do you want to print?

Burning Studio trenner Choose the Format

Once you’ve selected a cover type, a dropdown list (see picture below) in the middle becomes active. Please choose the medium to print upon there. The standard paper-size A4 is the default value but there are several different formats which are associated to the chosen cover type. Select your medium and click next to continue.


Burning Studio dropdown Choose the Format


How to edit paper formats?



Choose the Format