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Burning Studio trenner Choose Paper Format

It’s quite essential to select the correct paper format in order to print it properly. The A4 Sheet is the most common, so we’ve decided to set it as default. You are also able to define your own formats, of course. Just type a Name and add the Width and Height of it.


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Media Type: It’s also important to choose the correct medium.

There are three possibilities:
Sheet of paper: The most common medium, an ordinary sheet of paper
Label / Insert: There are many different Labels / Inserts from miscellaneous producers. If you want to use one those mediums, just choose this option.
CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disk: The cover will be printed directly on the disc. Please keep in mind that you have to choose the proper printer and paper tray. Not every printer offers this possibility, study the manua of your printer first.

Burning Studio medium Choose Paper Format


Number of Pages: It’s not possible to print a DVD Case and a Blue-ray Case together on one page, there is not enough space for it. On that account please define also the number of pages.


How to print multiple items on one page

Choose Paper Format