How to arrange Objects

Burning Studio trenner Arrange Objects

Burning Studio arrange Arrange Objects

It’s not always so easy to arrange several objects (pictures, tables, etc.) properly. Sometimes it looks weird and and confusing to see objects which are quite (but not really) in the middle of the picture. Once again, we’ve developed something helpful. Burning Studio 9 supports three shortkeys for a well-balanced arrangement.If you click on an object while keeping the left mouse button pressed you can arrange it freehand.


STRG: The middle of the cover is displayed by dashed red lines (horizontally and vertically) If you move you object next to these lines, it will simply cling to it. This adhesion is common with the other features coming up.


STRG + SHIFT: Additional to the middle lines of the page also the centres of the objects are displayed.


ALT: This one focuses on the objects. The outlines of the objects are shown (virtually extended) by red lines to arrange them in parallel or adjoining.

Arrange Objects