How to add titles and content

Burning Studio trenner Add Titles or Content

Music CDs or a data DVDs without a track list aren’t the real McCoy. Burning Studio 9 permits useful and sophisticated functions to create your covers without great efforts.


Titles, subtitles and content

Burning Studio trenner Add Titles or Content

click on the arrays behind Title and Subtitle to type in your information. There is also a little bar below to choose the Content of disc (music, data, backup, etc.), just click on the right type. This selection will affect the default formats of prospective tables (if you choose for example a music CD  Burning Studio 9 will propose length instead of size).



Burning Studio trenner Add Titles or Content

It’s really easy to create a table and to add new rows. click on New Row to add a new one (or the first) row. Of course you are also able to Remove a row or to Remove All of them (if you discard to create a table at this moment) by clicking at the monotonous buttons. 



Burning Studio table.zoom80 Add Titles or Content


Import from Disc

Burning Studio trenner Add Titles or Content

If you’ve ever tried to type a tracklist from a 30-song pop CD (including artist, track name and  manually you already know there’s no end of trouble. To disburden you to do so, we’ve created the Import from Disc feature. Just insert your CD / DVD / Blu-ray into your drive and click on the Import from Disc button. Burning Studio 9 now tries to readout the titles / filenames from your media. If  Burning Studio 9 cannot find anything in your audio CD, it tries to contact the online data base in order to look for items with  a similar number of tracks and track lengths.

In case there are multiple search results, look here for further information!


Burning Studio import Add Titles or Content



Add Titles or Content