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Burning Studio trenner Rip Options




Select an output location:

Here you specify where the output files should be stored. By default, the files are stored in a folder on your desktop.You can also choose what the program should do if it wants to create an output file, but a file with the same name already exists. The existing file can either be renamed, or it can be moved to the recycle bin.





Select an output format

Here you decide what kind of file you would like to create (WAV,

WMA). You select a file format by selecting the format in the

drop-down menu.





Select Rip Options

You can click on the Change Options button which brings up a dialog where you can specify your own encoding settings. Note that the dialog is slightly different depending on which output format you have selected.


Burning Studio rip options Rip Options








Start to rip

When you are done with the settings, click on the Rip > button at the bottom of the page to begin the rip process.









Rip Options