Themes, Logos and Subtitles

Burning Studio trenner Themes, Logos, Subtitles

Movies can be much more impressive if themes, logos or subtitles are included. Those inserts may comment or explain the content of the movie. Our art directors did their very best to offer a professional selection of graphics.

You can find them at the upper right of the Movie Editor (s. picture below).

Burning Studio thelosu Themes, Logos, Subtitles



What is it all about?

Burning Studio trenner Themes, Logos, Subtitles

Just imagine a news broadcast. There is usually  a logo of a TV station of the TV station on the upper left and some subtitles containing breaking news down to the right. Those two elements together are called theme.


Burning Studio thelosu2.zoom75 Themes, Logos, Subtitles


How can I add and delete those objects?

Burning Studio trenner Themes, Logos, Subtitles

You’re just one click away! Just choose an object (subtitle, theme, logo) and click on it. Immediately, the object will be inserted and is displayed at the main screen.

Editing those objects is easy as well. Just double click to edit subtitles, drag and drop to change a position or push and pull the small white boxes at the edge of each object (s. picture above) to change its size.

The length of appearance of these objects can be edited as well. For very object a timeline is displayed below the filmstrip (s. picture below). To edit the time of appearance, take a right click and choose edit or hold the mouse just at the start / end of this line (a double arrow will appear) and pull it to the right length while holding the left mouse button.



Burning Studio thesolu3.zoom80 Themes, Logos, Subtitles



Themes, Logos, Subtitles