Burning Studio trenner Music

Once you’ve clicked at Music of the Movie Editor menu (s. picture below), a Musicmanager window appears with an empty list at the left in which the music titles of your choice will be added.



Burning Studio music1 Music


On the right of the menu there are the main feature buttons which are rather self-explanatory. click on Add to open an explorer, browse through your files and choose the music titles. click on a track and use Remove, Move Up, Move Down and Randomize to change the running order of your songs. click on OK to proceed.


If you want to play background  music instead of the sound of your clips just check the box in front of the monotonous point (at the top of the music list, s. picture below).


There is also a useful player at the bottom of the menu to preview your files, just click on a song to select and at the Play button.


Burning Studio music2 Music