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Creating a VideoDVD with Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is really simple. You start the complete procedure by editing movie files into the project list.

Important note: Please keep in mind that some projects will require a large quantity of temporary disk space. Check your free space first to avoid problems end errors.


Burning Studio add button Edit Movielist

Click on the Add button to add the files to your project list you want to burn on the disc. A browser dialog will open in which you can browse for the files you want to add to the list.


Burning Studio arrow Edit Movielist TIP: You can also use Drag&Drop to add files and folders directly from the Windows Explorer┬«  or Total Commander into the project window of Ashampoo Burning Studio 9.



Burning Studio remove button Edit Movielist

You can remove files using the Remove button.



Burning Studio moveup button Edit Movielist

Use the Move Up buttons to change the order of the movie files.



Burning Studio movedown button Edit Movielist

Use the Move Down button to change the order of the movie files.



Burning Studio play button Edit Movielist

If you want to have a look on the movie just select the movie and click on the Play button.



Burning Studio title Edit Movielist

You can enter the title/label of your DVD in this text field (7). The title/label cannot be longer than 16 characters.



Burning Studio statusbar Edit Movielist

According to the number and sizes of the files in your project list, this field displays the estimated size of the resulting Movie DVD.



Burning Studio quality 0 Edit Movielist

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Burning Studio quality 5 Edit Movielist


The colors of the bar indicate the possible quality of the videos.Too many or big videos at one disc might decrease the results in sound and vision. By adding or deleting files you can customize your project and adjust the quality. The results are shown for single and double layer format.



Burning Studio next button Edit Movielist

Click on Next > to proceed with the write options.



Burning Studio back button Edit Movielist

Clicking on the < Back button will cancel the current process and will bring you back to the start screen of Ashampoo Burning Studio 7.


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