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Don’t worry, it’s not getting complicated! Once again, we’ve tried to keep everything well arranged.



1 Choose Add to open the the menu where you can select the pictures of your slideshow. The Delete button deletes the selected picture. But that’s not all! click on a picture (over several) and drag and drop to change the running order.



2 Transitions allow a more interesting way of arranging the sequence of your pictures. It’s not reasonable to show every slideshow in the same slide duration. Sometimes you might need a longer appearance of the picture itself, sometimes extensive, moody transitions achieve a much better effect. The default value Random Transition offers the greatest variety but there are far more settings to get the best out of it. See here for more details!


3 To bring the slideshow to perfection, you can also add background music.


4 This little player offers a  player of your slideshow. Let’s have a first look at the results!


5 Themes, logos and subtitles can make your slideshow much more impressive. See here for more details!



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If you’re satisfied with your slideshow and the preview, click on Save to to resume and the slideshow will be added to your Video-DVD.



Add Background Music


Change Slideshow Preferences




Edit Slideshow